Frequently asked questions

How do I register with RedBox Rx?

To register, simply fill out the information on the register tab. We will contact you to fill out an account registration form. All customers are vetted to ensure that they possess the necessary qualifications. Once your application is approved, we will notify you that your account is set up.

How do I order online?

To order online, please request site access by clicking on the shopping page. In order to gain access, you must be a registered account holder with RedBox Rx.

Do you ship to my town?

Yes! We ship all across Canada. Standard ground shipping rates apply. Standard ground shipping charges are waived for orders greater than $500 CAD. Free Air shipping is available for orders greater than $1000 CAD. Some restrictions apply.

Why are your prices so cheap? Can't I just ask my local pharmacy to provide these prices?

RedBox Rx is a buying group for out-of-hospital surgical premises. We negotiate hospital style contracts with manufacturers on your behalf. The pricing negotiated is based on the collective volume purchasing power of hundreds of clinics. The pricing is not only lowered for the entire group, but also ensures steady pricing and greater likelihood that drug is allocated to the group should there be a shortage. The RedBox Rx model is similar to Group Purchasing Organizations that Hospitals across Canada participate in. Although we operate through a pharmacy, our services to surgical clinics is highly specialized and unlikely to be matched by local community pharmacies.